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Endpoint & Network Management Now make it Easy and Affordable to provide your SAS Users with a Reliable and High performing Environment.

SAS Solutions

In collaboration with SAS, IT Pulse has successfully partnered on key mission critical initiatives for client organizations of all sizes. At IT Pulse we provide expert SAS services and support for all SAS technologies and versions. Our competitive rates and fixed price services help you receive the most value possible from your investment in SAS technology.

We provide SAS Customers with expert knowledge for all SAS Tools and Versions. Whether you’re upgrading your current SAS environment to take advantage of new features, or it’s your 1st SAS implementation, we will ensure a successful experience.From design to implementation, including knowledge transfer, IT Pulse delivers the flexibility and scalability to allow businesses to become self-sufficient with their SAS technology solutions.

  • SAS Tools/Software Acquisition
  • Support & Managed Services
  • Environment Architecture
  • Optimization and Upgrades
Resilience Amid Uncertainty

Balance costs and agility with a cloud-native platform and built-in automation that enables you to strengthen your operations.​

Empowerment for Everyone

Empower everyone to make faster, better decisions by democratizing data and analytics. Unify disparate technologies, skill sets and processes with end-to-end capabilities powered by automated AI.​

Faster Outcomes, Trusted Results

Get results in seconds – not hours – with massively parallel processing. Built-in governance makes your decisions repeatable, explainable, transparent and trustworthy – no matter the scale of your data, users and workloads.

We Deliver Results That Matter.

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