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Endpoint & Network Management Ensure automation & validation of complex business processes and enable faster time-to-market for your enterprise apps with a scalable QA Automation Framework

QA Automation Service

IT Pulse company offers professional software automated testing for any device or platform. Our team has deep experience in automation of the quality assurance process and perfect knowledge of different automation testing techniques.

Before providing testing services, we will explain how we test and consult you on what components of your software really require automated QA.You can rest assured that we are going to study your project very thoroughly, and you will pay for the software test automation services only when it is really needed. We realize that your product is going to change and evolve in time. That’s why, apart from writing automated tests, we also offer automated tests support on demand. Just be sure that whenever you need testing services, we will be here for you. Usually, our workflow includes:

  • Developing an automated testing strategy
  • Preparing test environment
  • Designing test cases
  • Developing and maintaining tests
  • Results evaluation and reporting
Automated testing for mobiles

We know it is essential to quality retrieve the mistakes for their further elimination since the correctness of the mobile app depends on its popularity and user rating. Software testing is a complicated process that considers screen resolutions, devices, operating systems, and types of network connection, so automation of this process will save time, simplify the testing and make it efficient.

Automated testing for web

Web applications need thorough testing, including an automated one, to achieve the best results when starting the project. To ensure the continued security of data and the correct display of the website or web app on all devices and extensions, as well as the correctness of its functioning, testing of such routine processes, can be automated. Thus, the testing period can be significantly reduced.

Automated testing for desktop

When testing desktop applications, it is necessary to take into account the availability of their functionality in various combinations of software and hardware. In such apps, some types of testing are difficult to perform with the help of human resources, that is, manual testing, so automated testing is the most profitable solution for both efficiency, quality, and cost reduction.

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