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Endpoint & Network Management The value we offer in cloud migration We provide an end-to-end service to help you on your cloud journey, migrating your applications and data to the cloud with minimum disruption to your operation.

Cloud Migration

Whether you are looking to migrate on-premises systems to the cloud or relocate existing cloud services, we ensure a smooth transition to an environment that is aligned to your needs and delivers upon your desired outcomes. We apply our cloud experience to advise you of the options available and then utilise our expertise to plan, manage and execute your cloud migration in a way that minimises disruption to your business.

We have access to numerous tools to assist with the migration of applications and data. Our experience enables us to utilise the right tools to meet your specific needs, be this to conduct a migration with zero downtime, or to execute a transition within a specific window.Operating our own cloud environments, we have developed robust methodologies for cloud migration, be this to our clouds or to public hyperscale environments.We can manage your cloud migration process end-to-end, and then provide you with ongoing cloud management services across every element of your hybrid cloud environment.

Capabilities of our cloud migration services.

  • Application migration readiness
  • Cloud selection
  • Application & data migration
  • Workload placement & balancing
Fully defining your requirements

There are many factors that influence the cloud options you select. We understand all of these and can help you clearly catalogue your requirements from governance, organisational readiness, processes and technical aspects including application interdependencies.

The right cloud selection

Based on your defined requirements we can help you understand the cloud options available to you, from dedicated private clouds through to shared cloud infrastructure and hyperscale environments. This ensures you can make an informed choice for both now and the future.

Robust migration plan

Our experience of migrating critical applications allows us to create migration plans that are robust and capture all the detail and eventualities. This attention to detail and comprehensive methodology ensures we reduce both risk and disruption.

We Deliver Results That Matter.

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